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Free Floor Planner Software

free floor planner software

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free floor planner software - 2011 Twilight

2011 Twilight Garden Compact Engagement Calendar (Weekly Planner)

2011 Twilight Garden Compact Engagement Calendar (Weekly Planner)

Plan your day, plan your week with this pretty calendar! Embossing, gold foil, and gloss highlights light up this popular Twilight Garden design.

Smart weekly planner format provides space for notes and addresses
Covers 16 months (September 2010–December 2011), including the academic year
Lightweight desk engagement calendar measures 5'' x 7'' and fits easily in backpacks, totes, and most purses
Hardback binding lies flat for ease of use
Handy elastic band place holder helps you stay on the right week

82% (16)

planner cover

planner cover

cover pockets for notes and miscellany

paper-art for added pages for: notes, jottings, right-brain planning tips and how-to’s and random miscellany {as well as space to include YOUR choice of personally-selected, themed quotations}

NOTE: This planner will be given away to the entry selected on Sunday, December 5th.

All "entries" must be "entered" by midnight on Saturday, December 6th.

planners and photoalbums

planners and photoalbums

the big 6ring album was my agenda for school last year the smaller one has a cute sticker album in it and im currently using it as my summer diary sorta thing. and theres two matching bunny photoalbums ~

free floor planner software

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